All About 32Red Fairness and Random Number Generator

What is RNG at Online Casinos?

RNG plays a role in 32Red’s fair gambling policy to ensure that all results from slot games are truly random and not predetermined. RNG ‘’Random Number Generators’’ provide randomness in slot machines and provide different results with each spin. All regulated and licensed online casino platforms require the use of RNG software.

Learn more about the definition and functions of 32Red’s RNG software below.

Definition and Function of RNG

32Red’s RNG ensures that all winning combinations from slot games are truly random. With all applicable regulations regarding fairness, all 32Reds supplier RNGs have gone through rigorous external compliance testing to ensure their correct functionality. The RNG software acts as a helpful fairness tool that ensures players have the best possible chance at winning in a fair and regulated manner.

The presence of RNG at 32Red provides members of the platform with a chance to win fairly.

Why is RNG Important?

RNG in slot machines is continuously generating numbers, even when it is not being played. Thus, makes the algorithm is recalculated every second. This means that the slot machines’ true numbers cannot be repeated ‘’except by chance’’ and ensures that the reels will stop at their combinations randomly.

This makes playing slot games fair to all players, especially with progressive jackpot online slots where a networked 6 figure amount is up for grabs.

How Does Casino RNG Work?

RNG works with entropy, seeds, physical generation, and computational generation. With an RNG’s algorithms requiring a starting number to start calculating its true randomness, its effectiveness is highly praised. The starting number that an RNG starts with is referred to as the seed number which is different with each slot to ensure their algorithms are different.

In essence, a random number generator can be seen as an effective algorithm that generates true random results through the spinning reel combinations. There is no pattern involved with the presented outcomes.

How 32Red Ensures Fair and Random Results

Just as online casinos only make use of reputable slot game providers, they also make use of reliable third-party testing companies to ensure that the fairness of the casino is up to its most reliable level of performance. With 32Red it is not just slots that are operated through an RNG, but all Bingo and table games as well.

This is in line with applicable regulations that all RNG software of casinos pass external compliance testing. These tests include reviews of the RNG source code as well as the design of the software and data analysis of combinations.

How Slot Game RNGs are Licensed and Approved

In accordance with the UK gambling commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, thorough testing needs to be done in order to approve the functionality of RNG software. These comprehensive tests include internal testing done by an in-house Product Compliance team. Furthermore, external compliance testing is also carried out to investigate functionality, display, transaction, rules, and mathematical calculations regarding the algorithms.

Trusted Certification Authorities UK

With 32Red being a trusted, licensed, and regulated gambling platform the slot game RNG’s are always up to date on the latest technology and licencing. 32Red’s random number generator software is tested and certified as fair by eCOGRA. This is both for the bingo RNG and slot games RNG.

eCOGRA is an independent test house that has met the highest standards that are required by the minister for Gambling in Gibraltar for approved status. Thus, 32Red’s RNG is highly trusted by licensing and certification authorities.