32Red Volatility in Slot Games

Volatility plays an important role in slot game functionality. Learn more about slot volatility and how it works in this article.

What is Volatility in Slot Games?

Volatility represents how often a game may trigger a win as well as how much these wins might be. When choosing a slot game, you first need to decide on whether you want to win frequent smaller amounts or be more competitive and try to win larger amounts in the long run. Volatility in slot games will determine how often wins will be triggered and provides you with a way of managing your bankroll and playtime more efficiently.

Why is it Important to Consider Volatility in Slots?

As previously mentioned, volatility can help assist UK players in managing their bankroll and playtime, which in turn helps you to have a more responsible gambling session. By choosing the right volatility, players can make an educated guess on what they would be spending and what they would stand a chance of winning back. Although Volatility and RTP are completely different in meaning they do resemble the same workings.

Furthermore, high vs low volatility may also depend on specific wagering requirements with bonus use. This makes it vital to consider each bonus and the games you play with the credit.

Types of Volatility and How to Choose

After signing up to 32Red UK players have close to 1000 options in which online slot games they want to indulge in. Although exciting, this may confuse some players who are not yet familiar with slot game features such as RTP and volatility. With volatility, it is possible to determine how much you would win in longer-duration sessions.

Below you can find the low-down on all 3 levels of volatility in 32Red slot games and how to choose the perfect slot game for your experience and goals.

Low Volatility Slots – Best for Beginners

Low Volatility Overview

Low volatility slots have been released by all the most popular online slot providers in different themes. Low volatility slots provide you with a chance to win more frequently, yet the amount you win in the long run might not be worth it, which is why it is considered best for beginners wanting to get used to slot games and not play for long periods.

Characteristics of Low Volatility Slots

Volatility is not generally visible as a percentage of slot machine games. But it is generally accepted as an accurate guideline when comparing volatility to the RTP percentage. As a rule of thumb, a high RTP percentage generally provides low volatility and a low RTP gives you higher volatility. Usually, it is recommended to look for games with an RTP of less than 97% for low volatility.

Examples of Popular Low Volatility Slots

If you are looking for a low-volatility slot game to play on 32Red there are many options to consider. Some of the most popular low-volatility games found on 32Red include Starburst, Fortune Coin, and Cornelius. All these games are provided by top developers and provide quality graphics and reliability for a fun slot-spinning session at 32Red online casino.

Medium Volatility Slots – Advancing Step

Overview of Medium Volatility Slots

Medium volatility slots provide the perfect opportunity for beginner players to advance once they have grown familiar with the working of medium volatility slots. By making the move from playing low volatility to medium volatility you can start out playing with real money and immediately notice the difference in winning amounts.

Characteristics of Medium Volatility Slots

When considering volatility risk, medium volatility stands in the middle. This provides you with bigger wins from the beginner stages in low volatility but may make you feel as if you are winning less due to less frequent win triggers. Look out for RTP percentages between 97% – 98% for medium volatile slots. Generally, you can expect winnings between x1,000 – x5,000 for your stake with medium volatile slots.

Examples of Popular Medium Volatility Slots

Because medium volatility slots provide the perfect crossover from beginner slots to middle-advanced slots there are many different options to choose from on 32Red. Among the +-1000 game titles found on 32red members can look forward to medium volatile games such as Fire Joker, Monopoly: Big Event, Animals of Africa, and Wheels of Fortune: Ruby Riches.

High Volatility Slots – For Big Wins

Overview of High Volatility Slots

High volatility slots are seen as the ultimate option for those looking for a more competitive slot gaming option where you can stand a chance at winning much higher cash prizes. Considering that the majority of progressive jackpots are also set at higher RTP rates it is easy to see why higher volatility triggers larger wins.

Characteristics of High Volatility Slots

High volatility slots are generally distinguished by higher RTP rates of 98%, although this is not set in stone and may not reflect the real volatility of a slot. High volatility slots may provide players with less frequent wins but will pay off in the long run. It is important to note that volatile as well as RTP are only true for longer periods of playtime and are not accurate when compared to short durations.

Examples of Popular High Volatility Slots

High volatility slots draw the attention of many 32Red players looking to win big, as such there are many titles to choose from. 32Red provides its members with high volatility slots from top providers. These titles include Prates Pub which can trigger multipliers up to 100x and Big Bass Bonanza with lower RTP yet higher volatility to spice up the gameplay.

How to Choose Volatility Responsibly

If you are only signing up to 32Red now and looking for the best way to get started it is recommended to try low variance slot games in demo mode and then move up the ranks to medium volatility and lastly high volatility for longer sessions of playtime. It is important to consider that bankroll management should be effectively included in your strategy to ensure responsible gambling.

Sign up to 32Red online casino today for the ultimate selection of low, medium, and high-volatility slot game options.