All About 32Red Slot Features

32Red members have access to some of the most popular slots, learn more about slot features for the ultimate experience.

Slot Features Explained

Depending on your experience with different types of slots such as progressive jackpots, video slots, and classic slots you may not be familiar with some features. The majority of sot features are there to guide you through the gameplay while also making your slot session more enjoyable. 

Some features also provide you with a chance at bigger wins. Look out for features such as wilds, scatters, bonus rounds, and free spins for the ultimate chance at big wins in slot games.

Types of 32Red Slot Features Explained

The slot features below are prominent in most slot games available on 32Red and provide you with many benefits. Some features such as symbols represent what you can expect from what each reel in the slot may trigger, while bonus rounds and free spins offer you advantages of more free gametime or credit for use in the same slot session.

For a more extensive outlook on each slot feature, read the overview below.

Wild Symbols

Overview of Wild Symbols

Wilds are special symbols that are present in most slot games and are less prominent than the standard symbols you see on the reels. These symbols can substitute any other symbol on the reels to complete the overall winning paylines. Wild symbols can be seen as having the same purpose as a joker in card games.

Types of Wild Symbols

Wild symbols come in many different variations to provide different benefits to the player. The different types of wilds to expect in 32Red slots include shifting, walking, overlay, duplicating, stacked, grouped, multiplying, and sticky wilds. The most frequently seen wild symbols are sticky wilds and stacked wilds which can be found in Dead or Alive and Stardust

Benefits and Functions of Wild Symbols

Wild symbols provide a variety of different functions to players but the overall conclusion on what they provide comes down to offering a payout whenever they are triggered on the reels. This provides you with a chance of not just winning more cash than what you bargained for but can also trigger standard wins earlier in the gameplay.

Scatter Symbols

Overview of Scatter Symbols

Together with wild symbols, scatter symbols are very prominent and can be found in the most popular online slot games that provide a way to win real money. Same as with other symbols in a slot game it will represent a certain element of the slot’s theme and add to the overall aesthetics and gameplay.

Types of Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols come in many different forms including bonus game free spin, and scattered wilds scatters. Depending on the particular slot game you are playing there may be more than one type of scatter symbol active in the game. To see which scatter symbols are available in a particular game head to the pay table to check the game information.

Benefits and Functions of Scatter Symbols

These symbols are seen as the ‘surprise factor’’ in each game as they can trigger different types of bonus features at any given time as long as it is visible on the reels. Depending on the game you are playing it might provide you with a bonus round or even a multiplier. Overall, scatter symbols can surprise you with a variety of rewards depending on the particular slot game being played.

Bonus Rounds

Overview of Bonus Rounds

At the start of online gambling bonus rounds were not as prominent as they are now and were only available in a select few games. Now bonus rounds can be triggered by any of the above-mentioned symbols and are prominent in most slot games. Bonus rounds are also called bonus games by many providers.

Types of Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds ‘’mini-games’’ can be found in different forms which include wheel spins, pick-and-win games, multipliers, and even progressive slots. Bonus rounds are also well known for providing larger wins which makes them the perfect addition to high-volatility slot games. Types of bonus rounds depend on the particular slot you are playing on 32Red.

Triggering and Playing Bonus Rounds

Slot games provide players with an extra chance at winning either bonus credits or free spins to use in the same session. Bonus rounds are sometimes an optional feature which you can opt out of if you are not interested. In some cases, bonus rounds will automatically unlock as you play as seen in Immortal Romance (available on 32Red) where the Chamber of Spins are randomly unlocked at any time.

Free Spins

Overview of Free Spins

Free spins are not just a sweet bonus that is provided by 32Red in various promotions, free spins are also built into some slot titles as a helpful feature. Free spins are in essence free credit that can be used on the same slot during the same session of gameplay. Depending on the game you are playing the number of free spins and their value may be different.

How to Trigger Free Spins

Free spins can be triggered in different ways but are mostly seen as a bonus that can be won during gameplay in a bonus round. Another prominent way in which free spins can be triggered is with scatter symbols that land simultaneously over the 4 or 5 reels. By landing scatter symbols or playing a bonus game you can easily unlock free spins.

Free Spins Extra Features and Multipliers

Free spins and multipliers can lead to bigger wins when combined. This is why slot game titles with both these features are constantly at the top ranks of most popular slots to play at 32Red. As an example of free spins and multipliers the Lara Croft Tomb of the Sun slot provides a bonus wheel and free spin feature together with a multiplier and 5 different jackpots.


Overview of Multipliers

Multipliers provide a way for players to win more than they bargained for. In some cases, multipliers can be found in wild icons as well as free spin games. Furthermore, it is possible to find multipliers in scatter symbols as well where only one symbol would be needed to trigger the multiplier and not 3 or 5 in a row.

Types of Multipliers

Multipliers provide a way for players to win more than they bargained for. In some cases, multipliers can be found in wild icons as well as free spin games. Furthermore, it is possible to find multipliers in scatter symbols as well where only one symbol would be needed to trigger the multiplier and not 3 or 5 in a row.

Multiplier Effects on Winnings

Multipliers can provide up to x10,000 of your stake as a win. This makes it possible to increase the winning amount in the game exponentially more. Multipliers are considered to be a true helping hand in creating a more fruitful gambling experience, especially for longer gameplay where the chance of multipliers hitting is more prominent.

Cascading Reels

Overview of Cascading Reels

Cascading reels are very popular among players looking for more exciting and thrilling gameplay. Games with the cascading reels feature also come in different themes to complement the thrill and excitement of a wholesomely different type of slot game.

How Cascading Reels Work

The cascading reels feature ‘when a winning combination is formed’’ causes the symbols to disappear and then leaves a blank space for other symbols to replace them. Overall, this increases the player’s chance of winning. One of the most popular cascading reel slots available on 32Red includes Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt which furthermore also offers free spins and 5 cascading reels.

Benefits and Winning Opportunities with Cascading Reels

The overall benefit of cascading reel slots is more chances of triggering wins with the reel symbols. In essence, this feature can also help players to have their bankroll last much longer than usual due to no extra spin being necessary for more reels to drop down. Visit 32Red and try a cascading reel slot to experience the benefits for yourself.

Progressive Jackpots

Overview of Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots provide players with the biggest possible wins; to be more specific these games can offer up to 6 figure wins. Progressive jackpot slots do not have a predetermined amount which is up for grabs, rather it progresses as more players join the game. 32Red presents many titles for payers to choose from when looking for progressive jackpots such as Poseidon Ancient Fortunes WowPot Megaways and Pots o’ Riches by Mega Moolah.

How Progressive Jackpots Accumulate

The game starts with a certain amount but progresses to higher amounts soon as people start playing the game. These games are connected to a network which progresses the possible winning amount overall online casinos it is available on. Progressive jackpot games have a jackpot amount that goes higher with each wager a participating player makes over the network.

Strategies and Tips for Winning Progressive Jackpots

As with standard slot games progressive slot games cannot be beaten by strategizing, yet there are many ways to try and further your chances of winning a progressive jackpot or to just have a more productive session. Depending on the progressive jackpot you are playing it might be required to bet the maximum, this can be a good strategy for standing a chance at winning the jackpot.

Gamble Feature

Overview of Gamble Feature

The gamble feature in casino slot games provides players with a chance to win real money when the paylines hit a winning pay line. Although not present in all slots, players who are more interested in games with low volatility will more than likely have a chance to use this feature. This feature is not easily found in jackpot games or games with 243 ways of winning.

How The Gamble Feature Works in Slots

The gamble feature provides players with a chance to double their cash after hitting a winning pay line. Take note that you may also lose your whole win for that spin if it is up to chance as with all spins. The attractive side of this feature is the ability to stand a chance at doubling or even quadrupling winnings after a winning spin. Simply keep spinning up a win or hit collect.

Benefits and Setbacks of the Gamble Feature

The majority of players enjoy using the gamble feature in low volatility games due to it providing a chance to win bigger as low volatility slots usually provide smaller wins frequently. This provides a chance for players to win frequent larger amounts without sacrificing too much of their bankroll. The setback however is that you may lose your overall winnings if the gamble feature does not work out in your favor.

Get The Ultimate 32Red Experience By Considering Slot Features

To have the ultimate online gambling experience you need a top-rated UK online casino and an understanding of how to pick the right slots based on features. 32Red provides its members with just that, a trusted online gaming platform with games from top suppliers and the best slot game titles.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned slot player, considering slot features before wagering real money is a great way to manage your bankroll and have the best possible chance at a productive gambling session. Always take a look at the paylines of a game to decide whether the game has features that reflect your experience in slot games or what you are looking to advance into next.