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32Red RTP Influence on Winnings Explained

This guide will show you everything you need to know about 32Red’s RTP rates and how it influences your gaming and winning potential.

RTP Explained: 32Red Slots RTP

RTP stands for ‘rate to player’’. This theoretical return to player parcentage can be found in each game’s rules. Simply select the game you want to play and locate the info/payable icon, here you will be able to see all the rules as well as the theoretical percentage of RTP.

Higher RTP may provide larger winnings in the long run but might not provide any winnings in short-term sessions. The percentage calculation is only theoretical and the outcome of any game is always random with 32Red.

The Importance of RTP in 32Red Games

RTP provides players with an estimated percentage payback in wins from the real money wagered. This makes it easy to choose a slot that fits in with your specific bankroll and how much money you are looking to spend on the games.

It is however important to consider that RTP rates are only theoretical and not a guarantee for any winnings. The RTP percentage is purely an estimate as to what you can expect to win back over a long period of playtime.

How to Calculate the RTP of Any Game

Calculating the RTP of a slot, video poker, or even a craps game is easily done. Simply divide the win and turnover figures generated from a game and you will see the actual RTP. Together with RTP players should always include a finding of ‘hit frequency’ and volatility to understand how frequently a game will hit a winning combination.

As an example, if a poker game has a potential payout of £980,000 you can simply divide £980,000 by the theoretical real money received amount of £1,000,000 which would equal 98%.

32Red Slots RTP Percentages

Although the majority of 32Red poker and craps games also have RTP rates it is mostly tied to slot machines, the reason being that slots are faster-paced than any other type of casino game. With slot of games, RTP percentages mostly being set between 94% and 97% the payout can be quite significantly high or quite frequent yet not as high numbered.

With 32Red’s RTP it is calculated as an average based on gameplay over an extended period of time to indicate the potential long-term payout of the slot.

Analysing Slot Game RTP Percentages

It is vital to have an understanding of what your potential winnings may be when playing a 32Red casino slot game. By analysing the slot games RTP extensively you can have a greater chance at choosing the right game for your particular needs.

Below are some of the most important elements to analyse regarding RTP in slot games.

Select a Slot Game

No matter what the RTP or volatility of slot games is, you might strike lucky and win big. Although it is important to consider RTP and volatility you can still select any game and see how the gameplay treats you. After selecting a game, you will also be able to see the RTP percentage in the settings section of the slot.

Understand RTP Percentage

RTP percentage is a theoretical number which describes the probability of winning the set percentage back in the long term. If a game has an RTP percentage of 94% or less it is considered low RTP, whereas with 97% RTP it is considered high RTP. 32Red provides players with a variety of games in different RTP percentages from top providers.

Compare RTP Rate of Different Slots

RTP percentages are usually displayed the moment you select a game. But you can also find it in the slot’s payable rules. High RTP will provide larger wins yet less frequently, whereas low RTP might provide you with more frequent wins at lower amounts of payout. In the long term, high RTP games will provide the best odds for winning larger amounts.

Choose Your Preferred Volatility

Volatility can make a big difference in your gaming experience. Depending on the frequency of wins and amounts you want to be winning it’s vital to choose the right volatility for you. This helps you to consider your bankroll more carefully and to gamble responsibly.

Play Free (demo mode) Slot Games

Demo modes are available for most 32Red games excluding live table games and game shows. It is safe to say that nearly all slots on 32Red have a demo mode available. This is the perfect way to get to learn a slot game to see if the RTP, volatility, and rules are enjoyable.

Note, if you want to win real money you will not be able to win with demo mode. Demo mode is purely for getting to know a casino game or to play for fun.

RTP Vs Volatility with 32Red

32Red volatility and RTP have long been described as one of the most important factors regarding whether a slot game will be able to provide wins or not. Depending on how long you are planning to play the slot before using it and how much you want to wager one may provide you with better odds than the other.

RTP directly affects your total winnings due to the maximum amount you can win, whereas volatility purely provides you with an understanding of how frequent wins of any amount will be possible.

How to Maximise RTP Outcome

There are many ways to maximise the amount of your potential winnings from slots and other games that have RTP percentages.

Below you can find the most helpful tips to guide you to big wins and less chance of losing out on potential winnings.

High RTP Slots = Larger Wins

Larger RTP percentages will provide you with larger winning potential than lower RTP. This makes the possibility of not long your real money and provides you with a better chance to win more than you have spent on the game. If a game has a high potential payout you can look forward to quite surprisingly high amounts of payouts.

Use Free Spins and Demo Mode

Free spins are by far the best way to grow accustomed to a high RTP game, as you can still turn the big wins into real money by completing the wagering requirements that are set out for the bonus. If there are no current free spins available on the game you want to play you can make use of the demo mode feature to play for fun. Note that you will not be able to win real money through the demo mode.

Progressive Jackpots and RTP

Progressive jackpots can be considered slots games which have a greater than 100% RTP. This is because of the progressive jackpot amount constantly expanding over the slot network. This causes the slot to exceed the break-even point for those playing the game and may exceed your expectations greatly. With progressive jackpots, you have the best chance of winning big cash prizes.